On the occasion of Sofia Pride Art Week, Æther project space will host a performance ritual by Voin de Voin with participation of Berlin based artists Thomas Noesler and photgraphic contribution by Alfredo Piola. On display will be shown the last 2 issues by DIK Fagazine, by Karol Radziszewski- Founder/Curator at Queer Archives Institute. Performed by the international diva Krasen Krasstev In the post-internet era that had left us in controlled privacy setting, designed living and ideas of freedom mistaken for such prompted by social media, other polluted areas of consciousness have taken a turn. Created phantoms of desire, pornographic overload, dating apps and games, the element of sex becomes more and more present in the surrounding. Promoted as a tool of exchange and communication, but easily becoming a trap leading to the experiencing gaps and displacement attached to different excesses.Its obscure faze of delusion becomes conditioned and regarded as addictive.A certain behaviour that in itself is classified obsessive. Exorcism is the religious or spiritual practice of purportedly evicting demons or other entities from a person or an area they are believed to have possessed.Depending on the spiritual beliefs of the exorcist, this may be done by causing the entity to swear an oath, performing an elaborate ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power. The practice is ancient and part of the belief system of many cultures and religions. The sexorcist will appear as a mediator being, conspiring the demon to break the binding oath of gender and sexuality.In the attempt will be performed a streaptease,while internet generated texts will outspoken.The ritual`s aim is to liberate the spirit of the goddess of earthly pleasures, purify her into a new dimension, let her out of the cage of the virtual prison and re-connect back to the physical. Bring your smarties and log into the platform.

OCTOPUSSY lives in an ocean that is deep. She has 8 arms and a beak. She tastes what she touches. Sharing interest is powerful. Ayla Pierrot Arendt takes music or sounds, waste or experiences from each place she visits to bring fragments of it to the next place where she creates a situation for locals to share her music, to take away jam, juice or wine. "ON TOUR w/Another is Sad" is about the transportation and production of a sad music that has hope. Hope that sharing interests creates free space for exchange and interaction. By following the connections she made through friends and friends of friends last year in order to promote the music of Other musicians that touched her, she tries to build physical relations based on common interests. She believes that music and choreography are media that move directly and immediately without exchanging words about common beliefs. Through music, we share sadness. We taste empathy and care. Together we produce a common song within the time-space that we meet. We sort, re-use and touch the experiences we make with each other. Ayla Pierrot Arendt (1987 in Munich, DE) is a visual artist with a visual-sculptural-audial-philosophic practice that does not aim at a final image, like a virtuous representation of something but rather seeks for contact, an encounter or dialogue where the presented material is not only to be looked at but also an offer to engage. It is about the address of the spectator, so the audience no longer is there to just interpret what they see, but they are being involved through their imaginary, their own movement, their help. Arendt has a background in Visual Arts as well as in Choreography. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where she focused mostly on painting and analogue animation. Since 2012 she creates video installations, for the gallery and performance context. She likes to define time-spaces that challenge the expectations of her audience. Since 2013 she has worked collaboratively, initiating discussion, including the rupture, tension and dissent that are produced in discussion. Choreography for her is about entering the very process of description itself, producing an interactive space-time that demands participation. Arendt looks for unforeseen relations between the performers, within the ideas, images and scenes. She is interested in the way it creates space IN BETWEEN. Instead of collaging a full image, individual fragments are put into tension that allow the sensation of something different. From 2012-16 she studied with philosopher Bojana Kunst at the MA program Choreography and Performance in Giessen.


“EXPIRED” by Kierean Cole as part of the days of the independent European documenty cinema Представяме втория норвежки филм в програмата на КинеДок - „Негодно за консумация“, на 18 май от 20:00

Синопсис: В заможна Норвегия, изхвърлянето на храна е огромен проблем без видимо решение. Група от четирима младежи планират 5-седмичен велосипеден тур от север на юг - около 3000 километра с единствено стриктно правило: Всяко хранене трябва да произлиза от хранителни отпадъци. Въпреки, че задачата изглежда трудна, по пътя им помагат много хора, на които им е писнало да виждат годна храна по кофите за боклук. Да опиташ „негодното за консумация“ никога не е било по-вкусно.
Режисьор: Киеран Колле
Времетраене: 54 минути
Език: норвежки (с български субтитри)


Програма и подробности за КинеДок

Experimental music night with Martian Tabakov on the occasion of closing of Ghosts in the rain exhibition by Nicholas Macarthur, april 2017.

Æther present Honey-Suckle company hosted in artnewscafe.
The practice of Honey-Suckle Company through the years has been closely connected and interdependent on the musical side of their art. Creating installations with self made instruments, video clips for musicians, experimental concerts, films...On Tuesday 25th.Oct. from 19h. you will be able to see a reel of 1 hours compilation of their video and audio archives mixed for the audience of Æther.

Sofia Queer Forum 2017: HOT WAR

Sofia Queer Forum 2016 takes place in 2017! And it’s only one night only! SQF will be hosted generously by our friends from Aether – Sofia’s cutting edge space for contemporary visual arts and all sorts of art troubles. For this event we will gather American and Russian authors telling stories of sexual and gender dissidence. No better way to do this than a week after TrumPutin’s inauguration! The programme consists of a performance and video works, in two installments. In the first video installment we will show two Russian movies, one documentary by Kseniia Khrabrykh and one experimental by Shifra Kazhdan. Then we continue with a performance-reading by Voin de Voin and Stanimir Panayotov queering people’s political poetry devoted to politicians. After a short break we will go West and show 7 shorts by American underground trash icon Carey Burtt. The selection of Burtt's movies is made and arranged by our friends: Biljana Dimitrova from FRIK Festival, Skopje. PROGRAMME (28.01.2017, start at 20.00h) DON'T LET ME STOP! (2015) (27.52 min) by Kseniia Khrabrykh (Russia) This is a documentary about the women in North Caucasus – an interesting region, which recently had become a target for Bulgarian nationalist sentiments. The current situation is looked at through the prism of the past and the position of women in pre-Muslim and Muslim culture, with a very little reflection on the Soviet epoch. The author of the film, and the women in it, pose the question to what extent the contemporary discriminative patriarchal culture and the violence in it are not a result of the globalization of the methods of suppression of women. The film includes conversations with women from Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Dagestan and are an attempt to look at the problem of gender violence not only from the point of view of struggle for dominance, but as a result of systemic, multilayered and interconnected technique for suppression in which families, religious and national communities as well take part in the processes of globalization of the entire world. The film was commissioned by Heinrich Böll Foundation in 2014. PRECARIOUS UNION (2013) (17.19 min) by Shifra Kazhdan (Russia) This two channel video is a new reading of the classical Pushkin text “Boris Godunov.” The artist has chosen specifically the scene of the meeting between the False Dmitriy I and princess Marina Mniszech, before their marriage in the 17th century, after which she became a Russian Tsaritsa (Queen). Traditionally this scene has been interpreted as a demonstration of Marina’s carreerism, and her desire to get the power at any price. Kazhdan reads this text as a rape scene. It is important for Kazhdan to show the violence from the point of view of the woman not only historically, but from our contemporary point of view as well. The victim is most often blamed for the violence perpetrated against her. One of the methods nowadays is to not talk about the violence, and historically it is to re-write the history from the point of view of the victorious rapist. In this case, however, the artist is not trying to discover the historical truth, but to present a narrative different from the commonly accepted one: the possible woman’s narrative. The scene is reenacted by two men, who are making symbolic gestures for the camera, which adds an element of empathy – a physical attempt to get into somebody else’s skin, a person with different gender and sexual identity. TOP SECRET (12.56 min) Performance-reading by Voin de Voin and Stanimir Panayotov (Bulgaria), with the video “The Multiple Time of Clinique” by Shifra Kazhdan (Russia) What are the secret teachings of the world's top men? How top can they get?