In the project’s heart lies the wish to put a landmark on Sofia’s art map.Engage the local scene in different propositions of activation towards visibility and collective thinking.It aims for a a stronger dialogue between eastern and west based artists. A micro-society, that offers a space for reflection, where different creative ways of communication intersect,shaping ideas about art, history and the present conditions of living.Located in the heart of Sofia, under the roof of Platform B. It opened its doors to the pubic in September 2016. Æther’s position is undermined regarding production and products in art making, remaining concerned about creating coherent contexts and processes, offering a ground for research and experimentation. In its essence it is an oscillation between thought and action. It is a place for materializing ideas and dreams to convey a new sense of aesthetic. Aether is a stream that connects elements and people. It’s drive is the need of discussion and critical declaration about contemporary obscurities. It embodies a desire that evokes altered states of mind, while focusing on understanding the complexity of the human psyche through art, science and spirituality. Art Is Its Tool-The Witness Its Voice.

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Domus Aurea

ÆTHER / SWIMMING POOL September 2017

Domus Aurea is an event that searches for difference and resonances between two new born art spaces in Sofia. Over a weekend in September 2017, we invite you to participate in joint choreography between our programmes for the duration of the three days as an attempt to establish a dialogue in the programmatic practices and as well to underline the importance of the differences and the specific characteristic of each of us.
Date to be announced!!!