season 3


Æther invites you to come discover the different views from the selected artists from around the globe, marking out a perplexed map that envisions the geo political movements and standpoints as well giving a feel about the mental effects and defects formed and lived by different societies and conditions. For many of us, the year 2017 is not just a year of reminiscence and revisit, but also a new possibility to look ahead and secretly or openly predict our own or common future. In the era of post-apocalypse, post-human,post-political, post industrial and the modern,we wonder if the so awaited future had come, and perhaps surpassed us rapidly, leaving us unable to recognise it while trapped in our daily livings.Or perhaps a vision lost between the excess of war and picturesque brutalities, putting the imagination to auto pause?! Broken time machine needs reparation, or simply coming to terms with the idea that we strive the state of stasis and the virtual limbo,hanged and poised between new possible lives designed especially for us…?!! Art Islands Healing witches Future sex Mind crises Cosmic orgasms Outdated data Cyber junkies Bug of bugs Telepathic politics Theatre of future The childrean of the now Recycled consciousness and lots more... ARTISTS PARTICIPATING: ANNE DE VRIES / GEORGI GEORGIEV / MIMI KRITIK / YO VO / MICHAIL NOVAKOV / ANNA ZETT / KENNETH LOE / VOIN DE VOIN / HRISTO PETKOV SIMONE GILGES / ROSITSA GETSOVA / SVETLANA MIRCHEVA / GERGANA PETROVA / SNEJANKA MIHAYLOVA / BENEDIKT PARTENHEIMER / DIMITAR KARANIKOLOV / ANTON STOIANOV / PATRICIA DE RUIJTER / MAYA BALTALIYSKA / VICTORIA KIEFFER / JAYME VALLORANI VINICIUS / VIVIANA DRUGA / ELINE TSVETKOVA / BRECHT VANDENBROUCKE / VESELINA DASHINOVA & NADJA KODJAMANOVA / RADA MATEVA & GEORGI DECHEV

Anne de Vries

Anton Soianov

Anton Soianov

GErgana Petrova & Georgi Georgiev

Jayme Vallorani Vinicius

Michail Novakov

Mimi Kritik

Patricia de Rujter

rada Mateva & Georgi Dechev

Rositca Getsova

Simone Gilges & Voin de Voin

Snejanka Mihalova

Svetlana Mircheva

Victoria Kiffer

Viviana Druga & Urban Witches

Yo Vo

photos by Michail Novakov